Yuriy Yarovoy

Building Flywheels, Feeding Loops

👋 internet person, I'm Yuriy.

I'm a dad, a thru-hiker and climber, a bad surfer, a so-so mountain biker, and I spend most of my time leading growth marketing strategy. How can I help you?


I spent the first part of my career working in SEO on the agency side across Pharma and CPG clients. Afterwards, I transitioned in-house where expanded my skillset, building and leading marketing and growth organizations ever since.

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Agency-side, I've worked for Resolution Media, Razorfish, Public Health Media, among others.




Yuriy Yarovoy


I’ve built growth and marketing practices and processes at several companies. My bread and butter had always been SEO and I have built strong practices across a large portfolio of digital and traditional marketing channels.

I cofounded and run the /r/bigseo subreddit (69k members) where we give folks in the SEO industry refuge from the deluge of super basic questions and discussion.

Most recently I helped lead BlueStacks to over 450M users and over 450-500k new installs/day. Along the way, I grew the Marketing/Growth orgs to over 40 people in 26 countries and 8 timezones helping us penetrate every major market and acquire users in every country in the world. Yes, at one point we had 52 users in North Korea and 2 users in Antarctica.

Since leaving BlueStacks, I joined Warrior Made to help bring real lifestyle transformation through fitness and nutrition to people who have failed and failed again at traditional methods like gyms or at-home fitness and diet products.

I also advise startups in the gaming and content creation spaces.

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